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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Garhi Padhavali is a 10th century Shiva temple that holds a bit of a surprise for anyone who decides to visit this monument.

It is an Architectural Materpiece . ❤️ The path from the road takes you towards what appears to be a small compact fort (or garhi), with a flight of steps flanked by two posing lions enticing you into the interior.

The fort itself is actually a relatively modern construction, being built by the Jat rulers of Gohad and Dholpur in the 19th century.

Note that the lions are in fact replicas, the original carvings can now be seen at the Gujari Mahal State Archaeological Museum in Gwalior. The pillars, beams, ceiling and architraves are completely covered with iconography.

Carvings on Beams -

North Panel (south-facing) – Lord Brahama , Shiva and Vishnu in old age, with lower section depicting celebration at Nandgaon of the birth of Lord Krishna.

East Panel (west-facing) – Chamunda, with lower section depicting Lord Ram and his army of Vanaras performing a puja by a Shiva lingam before the war with Ravana.

South Panel (north-facing) – Lord Shiva with Parvati and Nandi, lower section depicting war scene of Mahabharata killing Abhimanyu.

West Panel (east-facing) – Lord Surya, with lower section depicting Lords Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

Source - kevin Standage


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