• Tanya Mittal

Datia Palace or Bir Singh Palace,Datia (M.P.)

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This Magnificent Palace was Only Used once for a day .

This structure has 440 rooms . The architecture is a mix of Persian & Turkish Architecture.

The interesting things about this fort was the unique concept of each floor , one floor had the design of “Shatranj “ or Chess with 64 pillars which was designed for the Guests.

Whereas one floor was designed like a swastik .

It is one of the most beautiful Palaces I have ever Visited

Datia Mahal is a 7-storied architecture with two floors positioned in the basement.

It is only made out of stone and bricks without any usage of wood or iron. So, the whole 7- storied building stands without any support of a metal or even wood.

It took 8 Years 10 Months & 27 days to complete the entire construction.

The Paintings on the walls & ceilings are 500 years old

The details of each floor will leave you stunned , so stay tuned because I have a lot to share with you guys.

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